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Dear Fellow Leader,

We retained David Butler of Spanvest International to help us increase our communication effectiveness, personal productivity, overall sales and profits.

David helped us to implement a tailored-fit leadership improvement system. The system is unique because it allows us to focus more on business opportunities and less on people problems that in block us from being effective. His system gave us the tools to lower turnover, while increasing team loyalty and productivity. Perhaps most important was the rise in customer loyalty and additional business we are seeing from existing as well as new customers!

With recent changes in the economy, regulatory pressures, legislation and other challenges in our market, it will be even more important for us to maximize our human resources and implement this sound leadership development system.

For this reason I endorse David Butler and the team at Spanvest International. Considering all the new challenges faced by businesses in today's competitive environment, I am confident that your ROI from working with Spanvest will be well worth the investment.


Jeff Jensen

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