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Stakeholder Centered Coaching

What is Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coaching?

Simply stated, Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a transparent process that guarantees measurable leadership growth for individuals, their teams and their organizations. The coaching process has 5 requirements:

The Leader:

  1. Has a clearly defined development goal and identified Stakeholders
  2. Publicly shares the Goal with Stakeholders
  3. Builds an Action Plan based on Stakeholder inpu
  4. Follows up with Stakeholders frequently and with consistency
  5. Formally measures results with anonymous Mini-Surveys

Why does Stakeholder Centered Coaching work?

The positive results of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach have been clearly demonstrated:

  • A comprehensive study among 11,000 business leaders in 6 multinational companies on 4 continents concluded that 95% of leaders who consistently applied the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process measurably improved their leadership effectiveness.
  • Thousands of top executives, leadership thought leaders and HR development professionals have experienced the benefits of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process for themselves and their organizations.
  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching does not require any ‘extra time’ from busy business executives as the coaching and leadership change process is integrated in his/her leadership role on the job.

What types of Executive Leaders Will the Stakeholder Centered Process Work For?

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process works with successful leaders who are willing to do what it takes to become even better leaders. However, the process is NOT for those who meet any of the following conditions:

  1. Lacks commitment to do the work or to make a sincere effort to change.
  2. Wrong background, lacking the experience, intelligence, or functional skills to do their current job.
  3. Has been identified as a short-time employee and this is an attempt to "save" their job.
  4. Wrong mission, wrong focus, headed in the wrong direction, unwilling to change or learn something new.
  5. Has an ethics problem or has integrity issues. This process is about changing behavior not ethics or beliefs.

What Does a Leader Need to Succeed With the Stakeholder Centered Process?

  1. COURAGE: To communicate to others what you are working on to improve as a leader then ask for feedback and suggestions as you develop new behaviors.
  2. HUMILITY: Truly listen to and show genuine appreciation for feedback and suggestions about your leadership, while keeping your ego in check.
  3. DISCIPLINE: Stick to a monthly routine of following up with others, reviewing your progress and staying commited to long after the initial emotion of beginning has passed.
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