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"Disengaged employees are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers.”

According to the Gallup Organization:

  • On average, 17.5% of employees self-identify as disengaged, 
  • A disengaged employee costs the company 34% of his/her annual salary.

Calculate the $$$ Cost of Employee Disengagement

To Calculate Annual Cost per Employee (substitute avg. yearly salary with your own number)

$___average yearly salary x 34% = $___ Cost per disengaged employee per year

  • Example: $60k x 34% = $20,400 cost/loss per disengaged employee per year


To Calculate Total Annual Cost to the Organization

Total # employees ___ x 17.5% x $__ avg. yearly salary x 34% = $___ annual cost/loss due to disengagement

  • Example: 500 x 17.5% x $60k avg. yearly salary x 34% = $1.75M annual cost/loss

NOTE: This calculates the cost of Disengagement only. It does NOT include the potentially much higher cost of lost time, low productivity, and opportunity cost generated by the 51% who say they’re Not-Engaged (but satisfied)...or the 32% who are currently Engaged yet vulnerable to departing the company when they realize that the Non-Engaged and Disengaged are receiving basically the same rewards and there is little or no effort from leadership to improve the Culture of Engagement.

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